Research Graduate Programs

What to Consider

Finding a program that will help align your values, interests, personality, and skills with your desired academic and career outcomes can be daunting. Researching graduate programs, is an important part of your selection process and can give you information to find the right fit. When starting your search process it is important to keep these factors in mind:

Factors for Consideration

Imagine your dream job.  What is it?  What knowledge, skills, abilities, and experiences will help you get there?  Your grad program should be an essential stepping stone to help you achieve this dream.

Graduate school is a long-term investment in yourself.  Your return on investment is an important factor to consider.  Weigh the benefits of the program against the financial burden.  Research salaries in your field and consider what you can count on earning and how long it will take to pay off loans.  Will your grad program provide stipends and aid, assistantships, or allow for you to work while studying?

What is their reputation?  Are they considered experts in the field? What degrees and other credentials do they hold?  Is their area of research interesting to you?

Are your test scores and GPA strong enough for this program?  Did your undergraduate coursework build a foundation of knowledge related to the field?

What are the career outcomes of graduates of the program?  Are the facilities high quality?  Does student life align with your wants and needs?  Chat with current graduate students to learn more about how their programs fit.