Resume and CV

Writing Your Resume and Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) is not solely used for the job search.  Your CV or resume is also an important document to be included in your graduate school application.  It gives the selection committee supplementary information that isn't included in their application.  A graduate school resume is used to enhance your application.

Comparing a Resume & Curriculum Vitae (CV)


A marketing tool, a summary of your experiences.

  • Highlight of professional accomplishments
  • One page
  • Short sentences/accomplishment statements
  • Less class and academic focused
  • Can be customized to fit each position during the job search

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

A detailed overview of academic accomplishments.

  • Academically focused
  • More than one page
  • Highlights courses, research, teaching experience, publications, presentations, and conferences
  • Showcases skills
  • Typically used for research, academic, and medical positions

How to write a resume

Resume Writing Guide

How to write a curriculum vitae

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